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Raise Money for Your Cause

Seriously, what household does not drink coffee?!

I dare you to find a family that doesn't have at least one person that enjoys (or lets be honest, needs) coffee!  Coffee is warmth on a cold day.  It is a reason to get together with a friend.  It's a comfort thing.  

We here at the Barista's Roast would love to partner with YOUR organization/group to help you raise money by offering your family/friends/co-workers some unforgettable coffee! No group is too large or too small.  We just know that your people will absolutely love the fresh roasted coffee beans that you (or your child's) smiling face will hand deliver to them.  Click below to read the specifics and maybe even sign-up for a fundraiser with us today!  


We want your buyers to KNOW exactly who they are supporting with every pot of coffee that they brew.  And that is why we offer free branding* for every group that agrees to partner with the Barista's Roast!  Every 1-lb bag of coffee or 12-ct box of Keurig cups that you sell will have your group's name as the main focal point!  Because it is, after all, all about you!  It could not be more simple.  Your customers will need to choose a roast, pick between whole bean (recommended) or ground coffee, decide how many bags they want to devour, and pay the man.  Easy right?!


Now, let's talk money!

$5 for every bag/box sold will come directly back to your group. 

*Individualized branding limited only to the time of the fundraiser

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